Amber O.

Josiah is a great teacher! He asks questions about goals for lessons, and caters the learning to the goals. He is able to explain things in ways that fit the learning musician. Josiah is very relatable to both adult and young learners, making him a great resource. I was able to learn a lot more than I ever hoped or expected in such a short period of time.

The Value

  • A highly respected teacher with 6 years of experience teaching piano, 4.5 years of music education from Evangel University, 15 years of composing and songwriting, and a lifetime of loving music

  • Relaxed Home Environment in Vancouver, WA

  • Exciting lessons are planned and tailored to your goals:

    • sight reading

    • playing by ear

    • chord charts

    • songwriting/composing

    • playing while singing

  • A lifetime of creative expression through music!



Piano Lesson Policies

First Lesson Free!


  • It is strongly recommended that you have a piano

  • Electric piano is fine, but try to get a "weighted action" keyboard. This means that it will feel similar to playing a real piano.

  • Contact me with any questions about purchasing a keyboard.

Lesson Books​​

  • I can pick up your lesson books and add the cost to your invoice, or you can get them yourself.

    • Children's lesson books are generally $8 and usually take 4 - 8 months to complete.

    • Adult lesson books are generally $20 and usually take 5 - 10 months to get through.

    • Of course, the time to get through a book depends on how much you practice.

  • *Lesson payments are due by the first of each month*

Cancellation and Make Up Policy​​​

  • I have a no makeup policy because it’s practically impossible to do makeups as a travelling teacher.

  • You'll get 3 sick day credits every 6 months.

    • For each credit used, you will be discounted a full lesson on next month's payment.

    • If you have a severe or chronic illness, we will work something else out.

  • Vacations: If you schedule enough time in advance you’ll just pay the monthly bill based on the number of lessons you’ll have that month (or months) of travel. I also try to schedule my vacations as far out as I can, that way your monthly bill will be adjusted accordingly.

  • An option for when you last-second cancel a lesson is to send me a video of the weekly progress and I’ll send a video or email back with comments and suggestions.

  • Another option is scheduling a short Skype catch-up lesson later on (10 mins).

  • You will always get a discounted next-month bill whenever I am unable to do a lesson, unless you’re fine with video/email messages or Skype catch-ups.


  • Multi-Family Discount

    • 2 or more enrolled

  • Referral

    • You'll receive 1 free lesson per new student who enrolls and lists you as a referrer.

    • Example: 3 students sign up and each list you as a referral. You get 3 free lessons*.

Calendar & Enrollment

  • Backyard Native Music offers month-by-month enrollment. No annual contracts.

  • Backyard Native Music is closed: 

    • December 20th through New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, and Thanksgiving. Those monthly bills will be adjusted accordingly.

  • 2019 Recital: Dates and location TBA, (difficult to find good venues).


  • Weekly lesson attendance during the school year.

  • Performance at recitals is highly encouraged, but not mandatory.

  • Practice a minimum of 4-5 days/week and 20 minutes/day or more!

  • General communication with Josiah regarding any questions or concerns.

Summer Break (June - August)

  • Summer is always up in the air, as everyone is busy.

  • Let me know your schedule as far out as you can and we can work things out.

  • If you decide to take long chunks of the summer off, short emails twice a month with lesson progress or questions for me are encouraged to keep students on track.

  • If you keep going all through the summer, great!