2019-2020 Piano Policies and Rate Information

Travelling Teacher

  • Piano lessons travel to you. You must have a keyboard. Contact me with any questions about keyboard buying options.


  • One-time $10 registration fee per student. Multi-family discount applies (see "Discounts" below).

  • Private Lessons: $40 / 30 min or $80 / 60 min. 

  • Joint Lesson: Regular rate + $12 per each additional student in the lesson.

  • First lesson book is complimentary. After that, each lesson book is approx. $8.00. (Most students get through 1 book in 4 - 8 months. This all depends on how much you practice.)

  • Lesson payments are due by the first of each month.

Cancellation and Make Up Policy​​​

  • I have a no makeup policy because it’s practically impossible to do makeups as a travelling teacher.

  • You get 2 sick days every 6 months. For each sick day, one lesson for the next month will be half price. If I’m sick or last-second cancel, on your next month’s bill you’ll receive a discount equal to the lesson I cancelled.

  • As far as vacations, if you schedule enough time in advance you’ll just pay the monthly bill based on the number of lessons you’ll have that month (or months) of travel. I also try to schedule my vacations as far out as I can, that way your bill will be adjusted accordingly.

  • An option for when you cancel a lesson is to send me a video of the weekly progress and I’ll send a video or email back with comments and suggestions.

  • Another option is scheduling a short Skype catch-up lesson later on (10 mins).

  • You will always get a discounted next-month bill whenever I am unable to do a lesson, unless you’re fine with video/email messages or Skype catch-ups.


  • Multi-family discount: 2 enrolled = 5% off monthly, 3 on up = 8% off monthly

  • Referral: You'll receive 1 free lesson per new student who enrolls and lists you as a referrer.

    • Example: 3 students sign up and each list you as a referral. You get 3 free lessons.

Calendar & Enrollment

  • Backyard Native Music offers month-by-month enrollment. No annual contracts.

  • Backyard Native Music is closed: 

    • December 20th through New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, and Thanksgiving. Those monthly bills will be adjusted accordingly.

  • 2019 Recitals: dates and location TBA. Emails with details will be sent.


  • Weekly lessons during the school year.

  • Performance at recitals is highly encouraged, but not mandatory.

  • Practice a minimum of 3-5 days/week and 30 minutes/day or more!

  • General communication with Josiah regarding any questions or concerns.

Summer Break

  • Summer is always up in the air, as everyone is busy. Generally a selection of exercises and repertoire will be assigned during the summer. Short weekly emails with any questions for Josiah are encouraged to keep students on track.

  • If you wish to take lessons through the summer, we will compare schedules and try to work something out.